Best Institute In Your Neighbourhood For Your Child’s Holistic Development

Best Institute In Your Neighbourhood For Your Child’s Holistic Development

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FAST Abacus aims to make computations more efficient and accessible, often utilized in scientific, engineering

Unleash your creativity as you paint, draw, and sculpt your way through colorful projects.

Build and program your very own robots to tackle exciting challenges and adventures.

Learn to speak the language of the future and create your own games and animations.

Master the art of penmanship and leave your mark with confidence and style.

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Get ready for an exciting journey where learning meets fun.

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Conquer the ultimate puzzle challenge with tips and tricks to become a cube-solving pro.

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My son has been at MindsAhead Institute for a year, attending art classes. I'm delighted by his improved drawing skills and handwriting, thanks to Sandeep sir's guidance.


Delighted with the classes! Ms. Nusrat's friendly approach greatly helped my son improve his abacus skills. Even during COVID, they provided separate online classes. Grateful for the staff's efforts.


My daughter's Art class here has worked wonders. Thanks to Mr. Sandeep's amazing teaching, her drawing skills have greatly improved. She's now even teaching Art to her schoolmates.


For almost a year, my son's been studying Python, HTML, etc., under Miss Nishath, who's both knowledgeable and accommodating, and he loves her teaching style.

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Winter Camp April 1, 2024

Winter Camp

Our Winter Camp offers a diverse range of activities, from outdoor…

Spring Camp December 9, 2020

Spring Camp

Join us for our Spring Camp, filled with exciting activities…

Summer Camp February 2, 2021

Summer Camp

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Summer Camp…

Watercolour Workshop December 10, 2020

Watercolour Workshop

We also offer Watercolour Workshop designed to provide focused learning…



As a software engineer turned STEM teacher, I bring the world of technology into the classroom.
I use my experience in software development to make STEM subjects like science, technology, engineering, and math exciting and accessible to students. I love showing students how things work and helping them discover their own problem-solving skills. Whether we’re coding, building robots, or exploring math concepts, I’m here to make learning fun and meaningful.

My goal is to inspire the next generation of innovators and equip them with the tools they need to succeed in a digital world. With hands-on projects and engaging lessons, I hope to spark curiosity and passion for learning in every student I teach.

Qualifications:Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Teaching Experience: Having 3 years of experience teaching Robotics, Coding for younger and adults,Abacus instructor, Rubiks Cube and Handwriting courses

Areas of Expertise:
As a software engineer turned STEM teacher, my expertise in programming languages allows me to teach a wide range of coding skills to my students. Here are some of the languages I’m proficient in:

1. Python: I love introducing students to Python because of its simplicity and versatility. It’s great for beginners and can be used for everything from web development to data analysis and artificial intelligence.

2. Java: Java is a powerful language commonly used in computer science education and industry. I enjoy teaching Java because it helps students understand fundamental programming concepts like object-oriented programming and data structures.

3. JavaScript: JavaScript is essential for web development, and I like to incorporate it into my lessons to show students how to create interactive and dynamic websites.

4. Scratch/Block Coding: Scratch is a visual programming language designed for beginners, especially children. It’s a fantastic tool for teaching the basics of coding through fun and interactive projects.

5. HTML/CSS: While not traditional programming languages, HTML and CSS are essential for web development. I enjoy teaching these languages to help students understand how to structure and style web pages.

By sharing my expertise in these programming languages, I empower my students to explore their interests and pursue careers in technology and computer science. Whether they’re building games, websites, or solving complex problems, I’m here to guide them every step of the way.

Teaching Abacus, Rubik’s Cube, and handwriting alongside STEM subjects makes learning fun and diverse:

Abacus: We use the Abacus to improve math skills. It helps students understand numbers better and do calculations faster.
Rubik’s Cube: Solving Rubik’s Cube puzzles boosts problem-solving skills and patience. We learn step-by-step methods to solve it.
Handwriting: Good handwriting is important. We practice writing neatly to improve motor skills and make our work easier to read.

Teaching Approach:
My teaching approach centers on creating an engaging and inclusive learning environment where every student feels empowered to explore, experiment, and succeed. Here’s how I go about it:

1. Hands-on Learning:I believe that students learn best by doing. That’s why I incorporate plenty of hands-on activities, projects, and experiments into my lessons. Whether it’s coding a program, building a robot, or conducting a science experiment, I want students to actively engage with the material and see how it applies in the real world.

2. Differentiated Instruction: Every student is unique, with their own learning style, interests, and strengths. I strive to accommodate these differences by offering a variety of learning activities and providing opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding in different ways. Whether it’s through written work, presentations, or creative projects, I want every student to feel supported and challenged at their own level.

3. Collaborative Learning: Collaboration is a crucial skill in both STEM fields and the workplace. That’s why I encourage collaboration and teamwork in my classroom. Whether it’s working on group projects, participating in peer reviews, or discussing ideas with classmates, I want students to learn from each other and develop important social and communication skills along the way.

4. Real-world Relevance: I strive to connect classroom learning to real-world applications to show students the relevance and importance of what they’re learning. Whether it’s discussing the impact of technology on society, exploring the engineering behind everyday objects, or analyzing data to solve real-world problems, I want students to see how STEM subjects are interconnected and relevant to their lives.

5. Inquiry-based Learning: I encourage curiosity and critical thinking by posing open-ended questions, encouraging exploration, and guiding students through the process of inquiry. Whether it’s conducting research, troubleshooting a coding problem, or designing an experiment, I want students to take ownership of their learning and develop the skills they need to think critically and solve problems independently.

By embracing these principles, I aim to foster a love of learning, curiosity, and resilience in my students, preparing them to succeed in the ever-evolving world of STEM and beyond.

Thameem Zeenath Rafiya

An MBA under my belt and a wealth of 22 years of experience in teaching abacus, I have cultivated a rich and diverse career path that encompasses both traditional teaching methods and innovative educational practices. My journey began with a strong foundation in abacus instruction, where I honed my skills in numerical fluency and mental arithmetic. Transitioning from the realm of abacus teaching, I embarked on a journey into the world of Montessori education, acquiring specialized training as a Montessori teacher.

This training not only broadened my pedagogical toolkit but also instilled in me a deep appreciation for child-centered learning and the importance of fostering independence and self-discovery in young minds.

In addition to my expertise in abacus and Montessori education, I have also undergone training in phonics, recognizing the crucial role that literacy plays in a child’s educational journey. Armed with this knowledge, I am equipped to nurture not only numerical proficiency but also linguistic fluency in my students, laying the groundwork for their holistic development.

Throughout my career, I have been driven by a passion for empowering students to reach their full potential, instilling in them a love for learning and a thirst for knowledge that extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. My dedication to excellence, coupled with my diverse skill set and unwavering commitment to educational innovation, positions me as a dynamic and influential educator poised to make a lasting impact in the field of education.


Ganesh Vooredi is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse skill set and a passion for education. With a background in administration and a specialization in teaching abacus, handwriting and chess, Ganesh Vooredi brings a unique blend of organizational expertise and pedagogical excellence to his roles. He is committed to fostering intellectual development and personal growth in his students through innovative teaching methods and personalized attention.

Professional Background: Ganesh Vooredi holds a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Education from a prestigious university, where he gained comprehensive knowledge of educational management principles and practices. His experience in administration spans over a decade, during which he has excelled in various roles, demonstrating strong leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.
In addition to his administrative prowess, Ganesh Vooredi is a certified instructor in abacus, handwriting improvement and chess. He has undergone extensive training in these fields and continues to stay updated with the latest teaching techniques and methodologies. His expertise extends beyond mere instruction; he is adept at creating engaging lesson plans, assessing student progress, and fostering a positive learning environment conducive to growth and development.
Teaching Philosophy: Ganesh Vooredi believes in the transformative power of education and is deeply committed to empowering his students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. He adopts a student-centered approach, tailoring his teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles and abilities. Through hands-on activities, interactive exercises, and real-world applications, he aims to make learning both enjoyable and meaningful.
Personal Attributes:
Ganesh Vooredi is known for his patience, empathy and dedication to his students’ success. He takes a genuine interest in their individual progress and well-being, providing encouragement and support every step of the way. His enthusiasm for teaching is contagious, inspiring his students to strive for excellence and reach their full potential.
Conclusion: Ganesh Vooredi is a dynamic and versatile educator who has made significant contributions to the field of education through his expertise in administration and teaching. With his unwavering commitment to excellence and a genuine passion for empowering others, he continues to inspire and positively impact the lives of his students, helping them build a strong foundation for future success.

Jennifer Gutierez Villena

Bachelor of Science in Education (Major in Mathematics)
A Certified Course instructor of Abacus Course with 10 years experienced teaching Abacus course and 3 years experienced teaching in British Nursery Dubai UAE
4 years teaching Abacus in Rosary School Sharja(after school program)
2 years teaching Abacus in International School of Creative Science (after school program)
” I teach and treat my students as my own child “

Sarah Ahmed

My name is Sarah Ahmed. I have done MBA in HRM and have 8.5 yrs of teaching experience with Administration.

Academic Qualification: I have done Matriculation in computer science from Ladybird Grammar School, an Intermediate in Home-Economics from the College of Home-Economics Karachi, a Bachelor in Arts from the University of Karachi, and a Master’s of Business Administration in Human Resources Management from KASBIT.

I have taken Oxford Press University Nelson Mathematics International Certification.

Teaching Experience: I have taught all the grades including O Level plus I worked as an educational administrator as well.

Areas of Expertise: I did specialization in strategic, techniques and compensation in Human Resources Management. For Example;

How to run an organization through trainings and workshops,

How to develop techniques to motivate an employee,

Work on turn over,

What are the rights of an employee,

Employment Liability Insurance,

Health and Safety Management,

Provide all the details regarding organizational terms and conditions.

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